Announcement!! Haven't been posting to this blog much but that's because I've been slammed with art projects. And I probably won't be posting much in the future, but the good news is I've started another blog! Well not a blog, but a webcomic, and I will be updating it twice a week. It's called Tina: Existential Dinosaur, and it's all about a little tyrannosaurus dealing with big philosophical questions. It's quirky, it's thoughtful, and it'll hopefully be an enjoyable story. So check out the link below, subscribe there if you want to follow along. Enjoy!


Haven't posted in a while, so much has happened!!

So I was lucky enough to have a table at the very first Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa, and met a lot of amazing people! I did $1 sketch cards (some posted here) and they were a big hit. In addition to sketching I gave the attendees a sneak peak at the first 6 pages of my viking comic "Heathen" and their response was amazing! Since then I've pitched "Heathen" to Image, and we'll see if they like it as much. :)

I've also finished up the second issue of Illustrated Girl, and I've begun coloring a new series from John Leo and Garth Binam, called "Dead Mage". And of course I'm scheming more comic projects like all the time.

I'll try to get back to regular posting soon. Enjoy these sketch cards.



Furiously preparing for a show on Sunday. Got some new paintings in progress, new sketches too. If you find yourself in the Tulsa area Sunday afternoon and want something awesome to do, that is also raising funds for the Humane Society, you should check out the Tulsa Punk Rock Flea Market.


Another Inktober sketch, and I started some new mini paintings. This one is my fav so far, gots more to do. 


Colored and lettered page one for my latest comic project "WayWyrd" [working title].


A very early look at a solo comic project of mine in development. It's the story of Aydis, a young Viking girl who has a bone to pick with the Norse gods. Working title, "WayWyrd".

Hope this wets your appetite.

Inktober the 8th, Viking. It was about 4 am this morning, laying in bed unable to sleep, that I suddenly realized where to take this viking story I've been rolling around in my head. So, I may switch gears, shuffle some projects around, and begin working on that. Here's a viking in the mean time.